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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda


The names of our contestants are as follows:

  1. Positive Image Dental – Mouth Makeover donation
  2. Dr. JJ Soares – Get waxed by his wife
  3. Kyle James – Dance ballet to Soca Music 
  4. Carlita Lodge – Become a majorette with twirling skills  
  5. Thundee – Get a Vaseline facial from a child while singing a random song from the DJ
  6. Gaynete (Edwards) Jones 
  7. – Get a pie in the face from her daughter then her hubby will clean it with a water gun
  8. Tinee Furbert – Kiss a Pig from Wadson’s Farm
  9. Wild Apache & Declan Harris – Become a famous reggae duo
  10. Nicole Tovey – Dance to Endless Love with a stranger in the audience while wearing an ugly prom gown 
  11. Kuane Smith – Become Santa Claus and make children believe that it is Christmas
  12. Brittany De Frias – Eat Gizzards (chicken stomach)
  13. Lindsay Simmons – Become a superstar singer with backup singers and dancers
  14. BBBS Extended Family – Become a dance group in memory of Martin Humphrey & Vicki Benevides
  15. Principal Charles Joynes A boxing match with the BELCO Bird
  16. Yvonne DeCosta – Lip sync and make you believe it is real
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