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Fairmont Southampton Drink Tokens

For the first time, you may purchase your Fairmont Southampton Hotel drink tokens in advance and then use them any time, for any cash bar event at the hotel.

Your tokens will be waiting for you at the BermudaTix table outside the Mid-Ocean Amphitheatre on the evening you select (on the pages that follow). You will need photo ID to collect your tokens.


$10 each for alcoholic drinks (beer, wine, mixed drinks)
$5 each for non-alcoholic drinks (bottled water, soft drinks)

If you wish, you may purchase 2 non-alcoholic drinks with 1 alcoholic drink token or 1 alcoholic drink wtih 2 non-alcoholic drink tokens.

Drink token fee(s):
x $ 10.00
NOTE: You may also use 1 alcoholic drink token to purchase 2 non-alcoholic drinks.
x $ 5.00
NOTE: You may also use 2 non-alcoholic drink tokens to purchase 1 drink with alcohol.
Credit Card Information
Usually the last 3-4 digits in the signature area on the back of the card.
Billing Name and Address
leave blank in Bermuda