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Full Moon Dining Series - Strawberry Moon

Did you know that moons were given nicknames of what was happening in nature and in the lunar calendar?

Chef Keith DeShields decided to take advantage of this magical time and serve a delicious Bermuda-to-table-meal “al fresco”, under the stars and full moon.

From May – October, Cambridge Beaches will celebrate each moon with menus based on their nicknames, focusing on locally sourced produce and pairing them with the very best in wines and spirits.

Bask in the glow of the moon, listen to the waters of the ocean and dine at different and special locations at Cambridge Beaches.

This is an exceptional authentic evening. Click HERE to view the menu.


Upcoming Dinners

Tuesday, July 16th – Buck Moon
Thursday, August 15th – Sturgeon Moon
Saturday, September 14th – Harvest Moon
Sunday, October 13th – Hunters Moon

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