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Return of the Titans

Veterans In Action is pleased to present international heavyweights Mighty Crown from Japan and Tony "MENTALLY ILL" Matterhorn from Jamaica. 
Mighty Crown will feature all three members (Sami T, Masta Simon and Ninja .
The reigning JamRock cruise winner, Tony Matterhorn, will be on the same stage as his arch nemesis the Far East Rulers, Mighty Crown. Both of these performers need very little introduction as they have cemented their place in reggae history with multiple sound clash titles and world clash victories.
From the days of playing on Inner City Sound System, King Addies or singing "Dutty Wine" Tony Matterhorn is a bonafide veteran. The same argument can be made for Mighty Crown as they have travelled from the back alleys of Yokohama to every continent plying their trade.
Joining them on this evening will be local fan favorites, Jugglin Jason, Souljah1, DJ Becari of King Jyrus, YGS, Awesome and Black Star.
Location: Snorkel Park, Dockyard, Sandy's
Gates Open: 9pm
General Admission: $50. Buy 10, get 1 free! Call 232-8499 to order. Offer valid until July 15th.
VIP: $100 (limited to 100 patrons). This includes a complimentary beverage, hors d'oeuvres and upper level VIP Lounge.

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