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Please complete and submit this form in order for us to create a new event in our system. It should only take you a couple of minutes ...

If you have graphics files to send us, please email them to .

Here is a list of of OPTIONAL* graphics that we can use and their specs:

  • Paid banner for top of BermudaTix home page: 731px wide by 400px high
  • Image for your event page: Maximum width is 600px
  • Image for our Newsletter: 270px by 270px
  • Thumbnail for our home page: 270px wide by 270px high
  • Image for print at home tickets: Maximum 8" wide by 4" high @ 150 dpi
  • Black & white logo for cardboard tickets (if we're selling tickets for you at our retail Ticketing Centres): 1 1/2"x 1 1/2"
    @ 300 dpi.

If you have any questions or comments, send email to or call 232-8499 in Bermuda, 888-860-0996 in USA and Canada. Thank you for your support!

* We need at least a flyer, poster or logo to be sent to us.

While we don't charge a setup fee we do require that your event generate at LEAST $50 in BermudaTix fees. You must answer "Yes" to this question for your event to be created in our system. Only registered charities will be exempt from this policy. By clicking "yes", you also agree that should you cancel or postpone your event and we are asked to process refunds, there will be a $1 fee per refund transaction to cover our processing costs. Furthermore, if after final settlement, we process any refunds on your behalf, you agree to return said payments to us within 5 business days.
Please enter the event name exactly as you want your Patrons to see it online.
Please enter the name of your organization. If there is no organization, enter your name.
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Sometimes, Patrons have questions that only you, the promoter can answer. How should they contact you?
What is the name of the account holder as it appears on your bank statements?
We are looking for the number of seats that BermudaTix will be selling. DO NOT PUT THE FULL CAPACITY OF YOUR VENUE UNLESS BERMUDATIX IS SELLING ALL YOUR TICKETS FOR YOU.
In order for this answer to be "yes", we need to have a clickable SeatMap in our system whereby Patrons may choose their specific seat(s). If we don't have a SeatMap for your venue in our system, there might be an additional charge to create one. Call 232-8499 for details.
Do you want to HOLD/RESERVE some seats before tickets go on sale? If you answer yes, we will get in touch to discuss.
The app may only be used for General Admission (no assigned seating) events. It may not be used for events whose tickets are offered for sale through our Ticketing Centres. To install the app, you will need to send us the email address(es) of each device that will download the app. We will send you a link and instructions to install the app.
Please explain your pricing. Ex: Adults, $35. Students under 13: $20 and/or Ex: Regular tickets, $50. VIP tickets, $75. If you offer VIP tickets or other more expensive ticket types, please explain what the Patron gets to justify the additional cost.
If you uploaded a poster with COMPLETE event information, there's no need to complete this field. Otherwise, please type a "blurb" that will entice Patrons to purchase tickets for your event. Make sure to include all relevant details such as where, when, how much.
Would you like a free listing in our monthly Newsletter? Note that the Newsletter does not publish on the same date each month and might not be published every month.
We generally send a Newsletter out monthly to over 10,000 Patrons. Please enter a short, enticing blurb. If you will likely be included in more than one Newsletter, you might wish to include two or more blurbs to hold Patrons' interest.
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Where will your event be held? If not a standard venue that everyone knows, please include the address.
What are the dates and times for your event?
Please choose ALL options that apply.
Please explain your policy on children attending your event. Ex: Children over 2 years old are welcome but everyone must have a ticket. or Ex: Children under 2 years old sitting on their parent's lap do not require a ticket.
If BermudaTix is staffing the Box Office at your event, you are responsible for providing a cash float AND for depositing all cash receipts from each performance.
Is there additional information you need to share with us or questions you might have?
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